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Main web page in English:

A letter to you (revised).
Advayavada Buddhism in a nutshell.
Advayavada Study Plan.

The Fourth Sign of Being.

Questions & Answers about Advayavada Buddhism:

The Path reconciles us with the Whole.
Totality is one and Samsara and Nirvana are the same.
Karma, rebirth, and the skandhas.
No cloth apart from the threads.
84,000 ways of liberation.
About the precepts, paramitas, etc.

The Noble Eightfold Path.

to more than 60 relevant excerpts
More than 60 relevant excerpts from well-known books.

to excerpts about Spinoza
Robert A. Duff about Spinoza.

Immortality in Spinoza.

More about Spinoza.

Conatus in Spinoza.

Substance Monism in Spinoza.

God a Symbol (discussion piece).

Madhyamaka Schools in India (Della Santina).

Nagarjuna's MMK chapter 17 (some translations).

Madhyamaka Glossary (under construction).

Main web page in Dutch:

Het boeddhisme in 't kort.
De vijf boeddhistische leefregels.
Het Advayavada (zelf)studieschema en meditatiestijlen.
Wat is het Advayavada-boeddhisme? (lezing).
Schets van de richtingen in het boeddhisme? (lezing).
Tao, Zen en de erfzonde (lezing).
Rondom de dood.
Alles is goed, alles (uit Boze Geesten).
De Hsin-Hsin-Ming van Seng-ts'an.

Wat is geluk? (lezing)

De Twaalf Stappen.

Boeddha's preek te Nagara (Edwin Arnold).

naar de Tao Te Tjing
Lao-tse's Tao Te Ching (in Dutch):

De Weg van Lao-tse.
Wat bedoelde Lao-tse met Tao?
De Tao Te Tjing van Lao-tse.

Tao is de weg (John Willemsens).

Advayavada Stichting - Advayavada Foundation

Web page in Spanish:

El Budismo Advayavada - explicación sucinta.
Tú y yo - poema por John Willemsens.

John Willemsens (Advayavadananda):

Photographs and short profile.
Pinboard and misc. information.

Advayavada Buddhism Twitter account.

Advayavada Buddhism WordPress blog.

Advayavada Foundation on Facebook.

Advayavada Buddhism - on Course with Nature.

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Advayavada Buddhism Information Center
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The Netherlands.
phone +31-20-6269602
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Buddha figure at Amsterdam Zoo
Boeddhabeeld in Artis.


In Nederland: Gelieve uw vrijwillige bijdrage te storten op rekening t.n.v. de Advayavada Stichting, te Amsterdam. Elk bedrag is welkom. Hartelijk dank!

From abroad: Please instruct your bank to transfer your donation to the Advayavada Stichting, account NL83ABNA0814472079 at the ABN-AMRO Bank, Singel 548, 1017 AZ Amsterdam (BIC: ABNANL2A). All amounts welcome. Thank you very much!


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